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MySYHC By HealthyTribes

Healthy Tribes is a community of faith dedicated to helping you and your loved ones enjoy a lifestyle of healing, health, and wellness. We recognize the God-given ability to be heal the whole man: spirit, soul, and body. Our vision is to assist you on your natural path to healing, health, and wellness. Every individual is unique and requires a personalized plan to bring their health into balance. To create your personalized plan, we apply the science of health to the art of living while giving glory to God our father and creator.



Supplementing key nutrients may encourage healing, improve health, and enhance your wellness. Find out which supplements will benefit you most.


Avoid Enervation

Avoiding things that cause enervation is key maintaining a healthful lifestyle. Exploring spirutal roots to disease can also help you avoid and overcome hinderances to your vitality.


Personalized Meal Plans

A truly healthy diet is based on your body's needs and the proper combination of macro and micro nutrients. Learn what fuels your body best.


Exercise & Rest

Not matter your current fitness level exercise can help you maintain your flexibility and ease of motion. Resting will also help you recuperate, regenerate, and restore your health.


Weight Loss & Health Gain

Weight Loss can have a major effect on your overall health, but it should not be the focus of your wellness plan. A good plan with include weight loss but emphasize health gains.

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Bach's Flower Remedy Essences

Dr. Edward Bach, a top medical doctor and surgeon in his day, discovered and used 38 flowers in combination or singularly to assist his patients with unwanted symptoms. These natural flower essences can help you heal by addressing the underlying mental and emotional stressors that leads to sickness in your body. While most health therapies focus primarily on the physical needs, Bach Flower Remedies work to affect spiritual and emotional needs. Flowers and herbs have been used for centuries to remedy various ailments by displacing negative and damaging infirmity with positive restorative virtue. Release the emotional toxins that are making you sick today. Try a personalized flower remedy.

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Bach Flower Essence Remedies

A Challenge & A Community

The first step in healing, health and wellness is the decision to make a change. You can make change happen when you have a vision of health and a plan that helps you get there. Your personalized MySYHC plan includes a Body Type specific eating plan and a starter exercise and fitness plan to assist you in achieving your wellness goals. Your MySYHC plan is designed just for you, but you won't have to do it alone. You'll have a whole community of faith behind you. Get ready to create your wellness plan today!

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Healthy Tribes is community devoted to Spiritual, Emotional and Physical healing, health, and wellness. We help our members achieve their goals through sound biblical teaching concerning healing, practical application of the science of health, and the art of wellness.

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We are body, soul and spirit. Bach's Flower Essences effect emotional, and spiritual aspects in the body. If we don’t address the stress of emotional needs and imbalances in the body, we ignore what we need to empower our spirit to function fully.

Bach Flower Essences


MySYHC by Healthy Tribes is a step by step wellness program that helps you design your personalized lifestyle plan for healing, health and wellness. The programs consists of four distinct inventories that will help your define your health goals and give suggestions for enhancing your health.

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