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Bach's Flower Remedies

Health is determined by proper balance

of physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects in the body. While most natural health therapies focus primarily on the physical needs, Bach Flower Remedies work to affect spiritual and emotional needs. Dr. Edward Bach, a top medical doctor and surgeon in his day, discovered and used 38 flowers in combination or singularly to assist his patients with unwanted symptoms. Even in the early 1900’s it was known that stress was one of the primary causes of unwanted symptoms in the body. Discovering the cause of stress and ways to assist the body in handling stress greatly improves overall health. If we don’t address the stress of emotional needs and imbalances in the body, we ignore a large part of what we need to function optimally.

The Power of Flower Essences

You may have heard of the 60’s cliché “Flower Power”, what you may not know is that Bach's Flower Essences are an effective healing art that addresses spiritual and emotional sickness. Flowers and herbs have been used for centuries to remedy various ailments. More than 60 years ago, Dr. Bach, developed Bach Flower Therapy, which focuses on mental and emotional factors; which he believed was the true underlying cause of all illnesses and diseases. According to Dr. Bach, the most basic cause of illness and disease are mental/emotional defects such as: pride, cruelty, hate, self-love, ignorance, instability, and greed. Dr. Bach realized that modern medicine only dealt with the results of these defects–disease and illness–not the cause. Bach’s Flower Remedies work according to his premise that illness is a conflict between the soul, mind, and body and that dis-ease could be prevented before it becomes manifest by recognizing and removing this conflict. The Flower Remedies help us create and maintain communication between our lower primal self and our higher spiritual self. The remedies don’t change our life situations, but help us to adjust our attitudes and perspective toward these situations giving us greater control to change and greater ability to adjust with change.

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